Headspin Pottery is a one-woman studio located in  Southern California. Influenced by the colors, flora and fauna of the Mojave desert, Leann Thornton produces primarily functional pottery… pottery you can use in your everyday life. All pieces are food-safe and one-of-a-kind. Inquiries are welcome, so please feel free to contact me.

Mimbre Designs

Traditional Mimbre pottery spanned from approximately 1100-1500 AD in what is now the Arizona/New Mexico border.  Classic Mimbre images are largely geometric, but acutely whimsical observations of human and animal life.  Because of my interest in this culture and the fact that I can see many of these same animals near my home, I am using the traditional imagery but placing it on bright, underglazed backgrounds for a contemporary twist.

Carved Pottery

Influenced by Japanese floral prints, these vessels are underglazed then hand-carved with an interlocking chrysanthemum pattern.  A bright satin or matte glaze complements the carved area to add a bit of a color pop for your enjoyment.

Desert-Themed Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

These mugs and tumblers come in various sizes (please see individual listings).  Glazed with the colors of the desert and stamped with desert wildlife images, the handled mugs hold a generous cup of coffee.  The larger tumblers are great chilled in the freezer then filled with a cool beverage.  Styles vary, so please check the current listings.

Wine/Whiskey Tumblers

These sweet little stoneware tumblers hold approximately 6 ounces of your favorite wine or whiskey.  Place these briefly in your freezer to chill the vessel…the cup will help to chill your beverage.


Offered in a variety of sizes, these trays are often used locally for smudging, as well as an attractive addition to the buffet line (cheese and crackers, vegetable spears, etc.).  Please see individual listings for dimensions.