Terms and Conditions

This document outlines all policies, terms and conditions for Headspin Pottery, www.headspinpottery.com.

Get in touch with us: info@headspinpottery.com

CAUTION: All Headspin Pottery products are handmade ceramic art made by Leann Thornton and might have flaws, including but not limited to:

• Sharp textures
• Cracks
• Chipped or pitted clay or glaze

A Headspin Pottery team member personally inspects 100% of Headspin Pottery visually and by vigorously rubbing our bare hands around the surface of every pot. We work to maintain an extremely high standard of quality. We polish sharp textures and remove cracked pottery, but flaws are still common and every pot probably has one. Like scars on our skin, they are natural, unavoidable parts of the art.

CAUTION: Headspin Pottery will break if dropped or banged against hard surfaces.
• Broken Headspin Pottery can not be repaired
• Broken pottery shards are sharp and can be dangerous. Dispose of them in the garbage.

If you are not happy with your pottery for any reason, please e-mail us. We really appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative. Our contact email is: info@headspinpottery.com

We need to conduct returns and refunds through PayPal, so you must create a free PayPal account in order to receive returns.

All sales are 100% refundable within 30 days of your purchase date, but only if we receive the exact pottery that you ordered, first returned to us in mint condition. We are not able to pay for return shipping costs. After we receive your pottery returned in mint condition, then we will process your refund for the full amount you initially paid for the pottery. Please contact us at info@headspinpottery.com for the return shipping address.

After receiving the exact pottery you purchased in perfect condition, we will process your refund within 1-3 business days via PayPal. Please view PayPal’s refund policy to see how PayPal refunds typically take 7-10 business days.

Before making any purchases, please thoroughly read through the item description and view every photo in your selected product descriptions. Additional photos will be sent when requested. We work diligently to convey truth in every photograph and text description in our online store. We ask that you respect those efforts by thoroughly investigating and understanding all aspects of your pottery order before sending us any money. If you have any questions, please email us at info@headspinpottery.com.

Please understand that qualities like rough edges, finger marks and strange colors or textures are not flaws—they are intentionally put into each piece of artwork. However, please let us know if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason. I make pottery because I want the pieces to be appreciated by the user and used on an everyday basis.

Additional Terms and Conditions
When you purchase Headspin Pottery, you agree to hold the company harmless of any loss, damage or injury due to any products you purchase from us. Our maximum liability to you is the amount you paid for the item(s) purchased. All items from this site are provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either written or implied. We reserve the right to update these policies at any time.

Shipping Policies
• Shipping costs within the continental United States are included in the purchase price.
• Please contact us at info@headspinpottery.com for shipping costs outside of the continental United States
• All packages are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service
• Packages will be shipped within 1-7 business days
• International shipments will involve direct contact with the customer.
• We reserve the right to adjust the final cost of shipping based on extra costs incurred.

Stolen Packages
We are not able to offer refunds on stolen Headpin Pottery packages. When purchasing Headspin Pottery, you must enter a shipping address that is safe to receive packages from the Unites States Postal Service. You are responsible for entering a proper shipping address that is safe to receive packages.